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Celebrating Space Adventures!

The El Paso Space Festival is an annual, week-long celebration of space exploration.  We invite you to come and learn more about past, present and future space exploration at the annual El Paso Space Festival.  Since 2018, Insight El Paso Science Center has hosted the El Paso Space Festival  offering fun space adventures for thousands of participants.



Check back soon for more details about the 2020 El Paso Space Festival.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and join our newsletter for more frequent updates about our STEAM educational programs. 


The El Paso Space Festival wouldn’t be possible without the support of over 20 educational organizations and space industry partners that help make each year’s festival a success.  Is your organization interested in participating in the third annual El Paso  Space Festival in the fall of 2020?  Contact us today to discuss hosting a booth or sponsoring an event.


Checkout Highlights from Past Festivals:

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Out of this world space adventures can’t happen without the help of great volunteers.  Would you like more information about our space festival volunteer corps?

How did the El Paso Space Festival get started?

On Saturday, September 29th of 2018 El Paso, Texas celebrated its first space festival with over 500 attendees, 10 Earth & Space activities, 10 local space organizations, and an astronaut!  This was NEVER our intention.

What started as a simple plan to host a science event for 100 children from local child crisis centers at the neighborhood Elks Lodge 187 quickly got out of hand…in a great way. The concept for a space event arose during an unrelated discussion between the Insights El Paso Science Center and the Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 187. We realized that a simple combination of Boy Scout volunteers, NISE Network Earth & Space activities, and Elks Lodge venue would provide an ideal setting to host a small space event. Discussing these plans with various stakeholders, we realized that there was a tremendous amount of public interested in a space festival. Inspired by local interest and the success of the Las Cruces Space Festival (40 miles to our North) we began working to improve the educational scope and accessibility of the El Paso Space Festival. With growing community support, we were able expand the festival scope to include: 1-hour Q&A session and group photo with NASA astronaut Danny Olivas, 95 Festival Volunteers, 200 pounds of donated NASA printed educational materials, 15+ Volunteer science and math teachers operating 10 NISE Network Earth & Space activities  and 16 exhibitors providing 9 additional hands-on space activities.

Did you love the El Paso Space Festival?  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the annual Las Cruces Space Festival held each spring in Las Cruces, NM.  

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