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Insights El Paso Science Center was founded in 1979 to offer interactive science education experiences to the Border Region.  Insights operated in it’s primary science center on South Santa Fe Street until 2012.  To make way for Southwest University Park and the Chihuahuas Baseball Team, the Insights museum was demolished. With the generous support of El Paso Independent School District, the museum was relocated to Alamo Elementary School in Segundo Barrio.  The exhibits were gradually rebuilt and reorganized into a museum at the Alamo School, reopening to the public in June of 2015.  Insights also collaborated with UTEP and El Paso Community College volunteers to open a dinosaur themed pop-up museum exhibit in Bassett Mall in October 2015.  Major accomplishments at the Alamo School location included:

  • 7956 center visitors
  • 1723 student field trips
  • 480 dinotracks visitors to our Mt. Cristo Rey dinosaur trackways site
  • 182 summer and spring campers, including camps at the Tigua reservation
  • 8 new exhibits
  • 63 camp scholarships awarded
  • 400 volunteer hour
  • 14 community partnerships
  • 6 grants received
  • 2 new teacher professional development programs


In response to a series of logistical hurdles associated with operating a museum at the Alamo School location, Insights leadership initiated a thorough review our community service model.  After a lengthy series of community surveys and focus groups, Insights board came to the clear conclusion that it was time to take the museum out of the box.  The board realized that they can serve more STEAM content to more people if they mobilized the hands-on science programming that has successfully served El Paso for the past 39 years.  Insights has a steady history of partnering with school districts, universities, community organizations, businesses, and other museums to serve our community in schools, libraries, and public events.


Our Mission

Insights promotes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education through exploratory, interactive learning experiences.

Our Vision

Insights is a vital resource for the community by inspiring curiosity for STEAM ​subjects and promoting innovative, collaborative and cross disciplinary thinking.


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