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Take a self-paced AR DinoTracks Tour using Insights’ Explore AR App

*A beta version of our app is now ready for testing! Please contact us if you would like to volunteer to test our app. The full app release is scheduled for late 2021. Be sure to join our newsletter for more information.

Imagine that instead of watching TV after dinner, your family is heading out for an Augmented Reality (AR) hiking tour of the DinoTracks site.  Once you download the tour and navigate to the first stop, you see an outline highlighting the dinosaur footprints on the rock in front of you by simply scanning the QR code and holding your phone to the landscape.  You also see animations of the Theropod dinosaurs that made the tracks, 360 degree panoramas of the prehistoric ecosystems in which they lived, and social media links to share what you’ve learned.  ExploreAR experiences provide engaging ways to learn, reasons to take a hike, a great introduction to AR technology, and a stronger community connection through shared learning.

Take an Augmented Realty DinoTracks tour in English or Spanish!

  1. From your smartphone or tablet, download the Explore AR app in the Android or Apple Store
  2. Download the DinoTracks tour within the Explore AR app.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  4. Driving directions, sight information, educational activities and a link to our waiver will be emailed to you.
  5. Complete the waiver.
  6. Visit the site via the driving directions provided.
  7. Scan the Welcome QR code at the trailhead and begin your Augmented Reality DinoTracks Tour today! 

As of 8.30.21 our Explore AR DinoTracks Tour will be ready to download!

These educational Explore AR tours will not be limited to just Insights DinoTracks site, but will provide a platform to host a wide range of AR educational walking tours for the Border Region. More about Explore AR Tours is coming soon …

Explore AR & Insights AR DinoTracks Tour were developed with the support of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation

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