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Are you interested in becoming a certified Insights DinoTracks Tour Guide? You will learn the history and geological knowledge required for guiding guests on a ten-stop tour of the fossilized dinosaur tracks right on our back yard. Rock nerds, geology students, nature lovers and master naturalists make great tour guides!



How do you become a guide?

  1. Insights offers tour guide trainings biannually. Sign up today and we’ll email you when the next training date is scheduled.
  2. Attend a 2 hour guide training class
  3. Shadow a few tours with our regular guide staff
  4. When your ready to host your own tours, we’ll do a quick observation before you become a certified guide.
  5. Once your certified, you’ll be notified when we receive tour requests.
  6. Our tour guides receive a $75 stipend per tour or volunteer credit.
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