Educator Resources

This page was created by the Insights team to provide resources and education on regional STEAM subjects.

Here, educators can research and stay up to date with science news in El Paso, and find interactive tools appropriate for teachers and homeschoolers. Many of the resources provided are local and organized by subject.

Laughter Friday, April 24th at 6 pm Three scientists walk into a bar and  ... ? Could you use a Read more
Ants are Awesome! Friday, May 29th at 6:00 pm (MST) Tiny Tunnels: Big Connections... Did you know that there are Read more
Green Infrastructure Thursday, June 25th @ 6:00pm About our Speakers: Sarah Elena, Sustainability and Outreach Specialist at Creosote Collaborative  Ms. Read more
The Science & Art of Graphic Design Thursday July 30th @ 6:00pm Graphic design is everywhere; the restaurant menu, a Read more
Chile Peppers Friday August 28th @ 6:00pm DID YOU KNOW? The New Mexico Chile lands at 7,000 SHU on the Read more
Observing the Moon: Images, Stories, Imaginations   (A Special Edition of Nerd Nights) Friday September 25th @ 6:00pm The Art, Read more
Nerd Night: Candy Friday October 30th @ 6:00pm Candy Making Demonstration  |  Commercial Production  |  Nutrition  How does sugarcane make its way Read more
Nerd Night: Dance Friday, November 20th @ 6 pm Dance Movement and the Nervous System | Dance and Culture | Read more
Use your Pick-N-Learn activity kit to join these 2020 & 2021Workshops via this Zoom Link: Learn more about our Read more
Special Anniversary Nerd Night: Holiday Spirits   Thursday, December 10th @ 6 pm Cocktail Chemistry Kit  |  Sun City Distillery Tour  |  Read more
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