2022 El Paso Space Festival

“Let’s Go To The Moon – Vamos!”

Celebrating the historical, current, and futuristic ways humans reach for the moons of the solar system

September 17 – 24, 2022

The El Paso Space Festival returns this Fall to celebrate traditional and unique innovations in space exploration that are creating exciting opportunities for anyone to participate and contribute. Each year the El Paso Space Festival focuses on a different aspect of space exploration. In addition to traditional space exploration topics, this year’s Festival will feature a variety of hands-on, highly interactive and simulation experiences that explores the idea:

What is the future of humans living and working on the Moon?”

 2022 El Paso Space Festival Line Up
Registration NOW OPEN – follow the links below for more information and registration links

September 17 – Main Event: Space and Lunar Extravaganza Information
Main Event, Eventbrite Registration Page

September 18 – Nerd Night Sci-Fi Movie Night, Featuring “Passengers” (2016) Information
Nerd Night Eventbrite Registration Page

September 22 – Stargazing Party, Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site Information
Stargazing EventBrite Registration Page – UPDATE (9/12/22) SOLD OUT, WAIT LIST OPEN.

September 23 – Sustainability in Space, El Paso Airport Information
Sustainability in Space Eventbrite Registration Page

September 24 – Rocket Launch, El Paso Radio Controllers Airstrip Information
Rocket Lauch Eventbrite Registration Page

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The El Paso Space Festival wouldn’t be possible without the support of multiple educational organizations and space industry partners, making each year’s festival a success! More information about our partners can be found at the bottom of this page. Stay tuned for updates as our partnerships continue to grow. Interested in joining us? Contact us at info@insightselpaso.org.

El Paso Space Festival 2022 Sponsors

group of people at a festival

Main Event – Space and Lunar Extravaganza

Saturday, September 17th, 10:00 AM – 4:00PM (times subject to change)
Sunland Park Mall

Registration NOW OPEN – Eventbrite Page

The “Astronomy Sciences” Zone: Where you learn about the role of astronomy in everyday life. Sponsored by the Sun City Astronomers.
When was the last time you looked up to see the night sky? Astronomy sciences help us see and learn about the many wonders of our universe. Practice your own amateur astronomy skills in this Zone by learning about different types of telescopes used by astronomers, how to identify different craters on the Moon, basic celestial navigation skills, introduction to various star map apps, and how the night sky inspires stories about future space travel. Walk away ready to put your skills to work at the Star Party on 9/22!
Primary Audience: all ages
Featured Experience Providers: Sun City Astronomers, DACC/NMSU, SS Ambassador JPL/NASA

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The Lunar Imaginations & Zone: Where living and working on the Moon, once imagined, is becoming reality.
What would it be like to live and work on the Moon? To take a vacation there? How would we get there and what would we do while there?  Explore these questions and more in this Zone from representatives from NASA Goddard who work with the Artemis mission.  Learn more about what it might be like to physically train as an astronaut or take part in an analog moon mission and be part of a discussion of what a lunar community might look like!  There is so much out there to learn, are you ready?
Primary audience: All ages
Featured Experience Providers: NASA Goddard, New Mexico Museum of Space History, Fab Lab of El Paso

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The “Its IS about Rocket Science!” Zone: Where traveling to space opens horizons.
Walk away with your own rocket that you’ve built in preparation for the Rocket Launch on 9/24!! Did you know the rocket used to help us get the first picture of the Earth’s curve from space was launched from Whites Sands Missile Range? Now, rockets are used to transport humans to space and the many satellites that help us learn more about the Earth as home. Soon the science behind rockets will help get more people to space and even to Mars!  Learn from others who are actively learning and researching rockets through demonstrations and hands on activities.
Primary audience: k-8, open to anyone
Featured Experience Providers: El Paso Airport, Civil Air Patrol El Paso Composite Squadron, Boy Scouts Troup 85

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The “Exploring Space through Mixed Realities” Zone: Where access to space is through imagination. Sponsored by Boost Human
Exploring space is not just for astronauts! Through diverse artistic expressions anyone can “explore” imaginations of going to, living, and working in space or another planet.  Unleash your own creative spirit and imaginations in this Zone through augmented and virtual “tours “of our Solar system, and plans for a brand-new orbiting space station. Learn about career options to create these types of virtual experiences. Be prepared to experience the awe and wonder of space up close! 
Primary audience: 8th grade to adult. 
Featured Experience Providers: Boost Human, Blue Origin

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The “I AM a Space Explorer!” Zone: Where dreams imagined can become real. Sponsored by Isaac Center for Art and Wellness
Have you ever dreamed of going to space as an astronaut?  What are the different ways to be part of the space exploration journey? Being an astronaut, yes, but there are so many more opportunities! You don’t have to “go” to space to be a space explorer, sometimes it takes a bit of imagination to figure out how. No matter your cultural membership or physical ability, there can be a place for you. Practice “seeing yourself” in the space narrative by creating a Space Board of possibilities. Learn about being an Analog Astronaut, match your interests and skills to a growing network of career paths, and walk away knowing you can be a space explorer wherever you are! It all starts with a dream!
Primary audience: middle school – adults
Featured Experience Providers: Isaac Center for Art & Wellness, Workforce Solutions Borderplex

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The “MAKEr SPACE” Zone: Where you learn about the universe through building and creating. Sponsored by Fab Lab of El Paso
Exploring space takes a lot of different kinds of skills, creative thinking and lots of curiosity – do you have what it takes?  Try out your skills in this zone learning how nebula are formed, how different light waves helps astronomers find galaxies, how 3D printing helps astronauts in space, explore the lunar surface on a 20ft picture!
Primary audience: all ages
Featured Experience Providers: Fab Lab of El Paso, Young Women’s Leadership Academy, Boy Scout Troop 187

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The “Stories of Space” Zone: Where stories inspire imaginations of exploring and living in space. Sponsored by the El Paso Library
What stories – movies, TV shows, books – about space have inspired or created excitement for you? Was it a TV show, a book, or perhaps an Astronaut sharing their experiences.  Take a break in the “Stories of Space” Zone to relax and listen to space stories read out loud, then use your imagination to write your own space story about what life could be like living or traveling among the stars, exploring Earth from space, and different ways you might define Earth and space as “home”. Use objects from other Zones to help you create your own story! Walk away with the beginning of your own story of your place in space! Head on over to the “I am a Space Explorer!” to make your story into an art collage.
Primary audience: k-8, open to anyone
Featured Experience Providers: El Paso Public Library, Parkland High School Library Club

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Nerd Night – Sci-Fi Movie Night, Featuring “Passengers” (2016) and Discusssion

Official Movie trailer

Sunday, September 18th, 12:00PM – 3:00PM (times subject to change)
Alamo Drafthouse – Monticello, 250 Montecillo Blvd, El Paso, TX 79912
Part of Insights regular Nerd Night Series
Registration NOW OPEN – Eventbrite page

In the far future, space exploration technologies have advanced enough to create an interstellar spaceship to transport over 5000 people to live on a new planet. You are one of those people, sleeping peacefully in suspended animation during the 120 yr journey. A computer malfunction wakes you up 90 years too early. You realize you are the only one awake, all alone…. What do you do?

Passengers takes a look at this imagined future, exploring “fascinations and perils of interstellar travel” (How realistic is the Interstellar Ship from ‘Passengers’?) and asks viewers to consider the possibilities, moral and ethical dimension of such a reality. Join us to watch “Passengers,” a film that brings science fiction and romance at the forefront of space exploration. The film, deemed as brilliant for bringing to light the ethical conundrum of space exploration and the beauty of the vast unknown, is one you’d surely want to see. Winner, Arts Director Guild Excellence in Production Design; Two time Academy Award Nominee.

At this special Nerd Night event not only will you get to enjoy the entertainment of the film, but you will have the opportunity to join in the discussions with expert moderators:

Guest Speakers

  • Representative from NASA Goddard
  • Dr. Reyes Espinosa, UTEP (Space Ethics perspective) – Reyes Espinoza, Ph.D., works within the discipline of philosophy as an applied ethicist focusing on issues of planetary climate change and political corruption. He has made inroads into philosophy of space and pop culture through his analyses of the anime Legend of the Galactic Heroes as well as Cowboy Bebop. His previous work includes creating logical arguments utilizing insights from the field of moral psychology to understand and motivate societal change concerning global social conflicts. Space travel, a new frontier for human societies, presents new challenges and opportunities for philosophical discourse concerning technology, modes of human existence, economic relations, and lifestyles.

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Star Gazing Party

Thursday, September 22, 7:00PM – 10:00PM (times subject to change)
Registration NOW OPEN – Evenbrite page – UPDATE (9/12/22) SOLD OUT, WAIT LIST OPEN

Our skies have long told stories, helped us navigate, and regulated nature, but as our cities continue to grow, we are quickly losing this precious resource. Experience the beautiful night sky just outside El Paso to learn about space and the importance of our dark skies. Join the Sun City Astronomers at Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site for a night of viewing planets, moons, and various objects through telescopes. Reservations are required and will open up first come first serve. Gates open at 6:30PM and close at 7:00PM.

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El Paso Airport at night

ELP – Sustainability in Space

Friday, September 23rd, 5:00PM – 8:00PM
El Paso International Airport, 6701 Convair Rd.
Registration NOW OPEN – Eventbrite page

EPSF2022 continues the week-long celebration with a family-friendly event at El Paso International Airport focusing on space-related sustainability issues.

Attendees can expect to enjoy learning about supporting life in space with educational tables covering topics like food, transportation, solar and human-powered energy sources, robotics, drones, and a chance to win prizes. There will be music, food, and entertainment by Robotron and Stormtroopers, plus a jumping balloon. This is a family-friendly event, free to the public, and parking is validated for participants.

The event will be held in the El Paso International Airport’s short-term parking lot in the Runway Plaza just outside of the main entrance. Parking is available in the short-term lot and the long-term lot, which has a complimentary shuttle to the front of the terminal.

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young man holding a rocket

Rocket Launch Day

Saturday, September 24th, 8:00AM – 1:00PM
El Paso Radio Controllers Airstrip (6121 Stan Roberts Sr Ave)
Registration NOW OPEN – Eventbrite page

Launch YOUR rockets at the final event of the 4th annual El Paso Space Festival. You’ll have a blast!

Join us Saturday, September 24th to close out the 2022 El Paso Space Festival with a massive rocket launch. This event will also offer have hands-on rocketry activities, prizes, food, local rocket clubs displaying their BIG rockets, and Drone Demonstrations by the El Paso Airport Drone Corp. This event is co-sponsored by El Paso Radio Controllers.

The $5.00 ticket includes a rocket, rocket decorations (available during the Space & Lunar Extravaganza!), and a launch window. STEM clubs, hobby groups, and other rocketeers are welcome to bring their own rockets with prior authorization.

Registration Steps:

  1. Purchase a ticket for your launch window
  2. Pickup model rocket kit at the Space & Lunar Extravaganza Event or from the address below
  3. Assemble your rockets at the Space & Lunar Extravaganza Event, with friends or family. All rockets need to be pre-assembled for arrival. A few “how to build your rocket” videos to help include: Estes Alpha Rocket, Estes Viking Rocket, Estes Generic E2X
  4. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your launch window
  5. Come to the rocket launch day to launch your rocket

Scout Troops, Packs, STEM teams/groups, to register for a launch window and build your own rocket please email: RocketDayEP@gmail.com

Rocket Pick Up: We highly recommend picking up your rocket at least 2 days prior to the event to have enough time for assembly. For safety, the rocket engine will be installed/provided at the launch site. Your rocket can be picked up at:

  1. Space & Lunar Extravaganza EventRockets will be available for pickup and purchase in the “It IS about Rocket Science” Experience Zone of this event. Rocket decoration supplies and volunteers will also be present to help you assemble your rockets.
  2. Scout Shop at Yucca Council, BSA (7601 Lockheed Dr. El Paso, TX 79925) – Rockets are available for picked up: Tuesday – Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm, Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm, Sunday – Monday CLOSED

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Our Sponsors and Partners

The El Paso Space Festival wouldn’t be possible without the support of multiple educational organizations and space industry partners, making each year’s festival a success!

 A special thanks to the the El Paso Electric Company, Sunland Park Mall, Alamo Draft House and Boy Scout Troop 187 for their ongoing support as major sponsors of the El Paso Space Festival!

We welcome the following Sponsors and Partners for the 2022 Space Festival (check back often for updates)

Sunland Park Mall, Alamo Drafthouse, El Paso Electric Company, El Paso International Airport, Boy Scouts Troop 187, Boost Human, Fab Lab of El Paso, NASA Goddard, Washington DC, Blue Origin (Tempe and Van Horn locations), The Isaac Center of Art and Wellness (Socorro, TX), Civil Air Patrol (El Paso), El Paso Public Libraries, Parkland High School Library Club, Sun City Astronomers, The Gene Roddenberry Planetarium, Clint ISD, El Paso ISD, Lee Tent and Party Rental, National Informal Science Education Network, and more to come!

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History of the El Paso Space Festival

On Saturday, September 29th, 2018, El Paso celebrated its first Space Festival with over 500 attendees, 10 Earth and Space Activities, 10 local space organizations, and a local astronaut! This was never our intention!

picture of children at the El Paso Space Festival, 2018

What started as a simple plan to host a science event for 100 children from local child crisis centers at the neighborhood Elks Lodge 187 quickly got out of hand…in a great way. The concept for a space event arose during an unrelated discussion between the Insights El Paso Science Center and the Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 187. We realized that a simple combination of Boy Scout volunteers, NISE Network Earth & Space activities, and Elks Lodge venue would provide an ideal setting to host a small space event. Discussing these plans with various stakeholders, we realized that there was a tremendous amount of public interested in a space festival. Inspired by local interest and the success of the Las Cruces Space Festival (40 miles to our North) we began working to improve the educational scope and accessibility of the El Paso Space Festival. With growing community support, we were able expand the festival scope to include: 1-hour Q&A session and group photo with NASA astronaut Danny Olivas, 95 Festival Volunteers, 200 pounds of donated NASA printed educational materials, 15+ Volunteer science and math teachers operating 10 National Informal Science Education (NISE) Network Earth & Space activities  and 16 exhibitors providing 9 additional hands-on space activities.

Checkout Highlights from Past Festivals:

2018 El Paso Space Festival

2019 El Paso Space Festival

Did you love the El Paso Space Festival?  Remember to mark your calendars for the annual Las Cruces Space Festival held each spring in Las Cruces, NM.  

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