Insights at Home – Activity Kit Program


Insight hands-on science kits distributed at the Kelly Center for Hunger Relief amid pandemic


Families picking up food boxes are able to also receive pre-packaged dual language Insights at Home hands-on science kits while supplies last.  With all educational events cancelled in response to the COVID 19 crisis, Insights staff has been busy adapting our hands-on science programming to serve families at home. Insights educational staff is assembling hundreds of activity kits. Each kit contains a dual language activity guide, materials, and follow up computer science activity.  A pilot round of kits with three different hands-on activities for elementary and middle school students was distributed on April 14th during regular drive through food distribution at the Kelly Memorial Food Pantry. The Kelly Center for Hunger Relief, also known as Kelly Memorial Food Pantry is partnering with El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank as an emergency food distribution center.


More kits are in development and will be distributed in the coming weeks.  With most courses moved online for the rest of the school year, museums closed, and activities cancelled, students are missing out on hand-on learning; these kits provide parents a simple solution for fun, continued learning at home.


Additional Insights at Home Resources:

More information about the Kelly Center for Hunger Relief:

All printable activity guides, material lists, and additional tutorials are posted here:

  1. Build a Zoo
  2. Life Cycles
  3. Abiotic Walk


Insights’ at Home Activity Kit Program is made possible with support from Microsoft Digital Skills Grant Program.

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