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We’re growing our educational staff and we’d like YOU to consider joining our STEAM Educator Corps. 

Why join?  Do you love teaching and inspiring the next generation with engaging activities, but have grown tired of red tape and testing in a traditional classroom?  If you’re looking for fun and fulfilling part-time teaching opportunities, then Insights new STEAM Educator Corps may be an excellent fit.  

What will I do? Lead educators will provide interactive, hands-on STEAM educational programs in a variety of setting like summer camps, afterschool programs, special school events, or community events.  During some programs you have a chance to provide mentorship for undergraduate pre-service teachers working with you as assistant educators. 

Who do we want to hire? We’re looking for passionate, experienced educators with flexible schedules like retired teachers who are available for at least one year.

Do I need to have a STEAM background?  Experience with science, technology, engineering, art, and math teaching is prefered, but not required.  If you’re willing to learn, we’re happy to connect you with training materials on basic robotics, simple coding, chemistry, biology, and engineering design principles incorporated in our programing. 

How does the educator corps work?  Once accepted, you will attend an orientation / training provided by Insights.  Then, once you’re ready to lead your own workshops you will be notified when we have received a request for programming.  If you are available, we’ll coordinate details with the school, provide you with educational materials, and pay you $20 per hour to implement the program.  Programming may be sporadic or regular, depending upon requests, grant funding, and your availability.  Volunteer opportunities will also be available for our free public events.  Additional longer term educational opportunities may also be available working with our afterschool programs at Clint ISD. 

How do I join?  Email your resume to and fill out the quick Google Form application ( We will schedule a late summer / early fall orientation and training soon. 

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