Nerd Night # 14: Rations and Rivets

 14th Nerd Night on Friday, January 25th:

Rations and Rivets 

What have you sacrificed for your country lately?  Would you patch your child’s socks or collect your bacon fat for the federal government to use for explosives?  Our next Nerd Night will explore how collective action and everyday sacrifice during WWII affected our nation.  We will explore how rationing programs in a city sitting on an international border differed from the rest of the country.   Join us on January 25th for a journey back to the world of ration books, scrap metal, and patriotic thrift.


  1. [Commodity Rationing in El Paso During World War II]  –  Rich Dugan is program coordinator at UTEP’s Technology Support Center in the University Library, long-time board member of the El Paso County Historical Society and is the Director of the non-profit organization Books Santo Nino.
  2. [Propaganda Burnout]  –  Sam Winer is the Curator of Collections and Exhibits at the Centennial Museum.  Sam has a M.A. in History; her interest in WWII started at an early age watching  classic movies.
  3. [Bacon Fat Bombs] – UTEP Chemistry Peer Led Team Learning Group will teach us how bacon drippings and other household fats were used to make explosives during WWII.

light refreshments and beverages available 


Where: UTEP Centennial Museum


When: Friday, January 25th at 7 pm

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