Nerd Night #21: Language on the Border

Next Nerd Night on Thursday, August 22nd:

Language on the Border

One city, dos lenguas


El Paso is the proud home of the Western Hemisphere’s largest bilingual work force speaking Spanish, English and ‘Spanglish.’  However, many experts have asked: is ‘Spanglish’ degrading language or is it building an important border culture? The majority of El Paso speaks Spanish at home, yet English is primarily spoken in schools and the workplace. How does our brain perceive languages and how do these perceptions shape our impressions of others? Join our next Nerd Night conversation about language on border to dissect our region’s unique bilingual culture with a panel of local language experts.



  1. Dr. Iva Ivanova (Assistant Professor in the UTEP Department of Psychology) – Bilingual language processing and communication: What happens in the mind when bilinguals talk
  2. Dr. Ana Schwartz (Associate Professor in the UTEP Department of Psychology) – The amazing benefits of biliteracy along the border: The cognitive powers of bilingual readers
  3. Angie Reza Tures (Director of Femme Frontera) – language and film in the Border Region
  4. Dr. Katherine Mortimer (Associate Professor in UTEP the College of Education) – Hacia la equidad educativa: Making schools more just through language

Where:  Gonzalos G & R Restaurant

401 E Nevada Ave, El Paso, TX 79902


When: Thursday, August 22nd at 7 pm


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