Nerd Night # 26: Gaming

Nerd Night:  Gaming

Thursday, February 27th at 7 pm

Have you wondered what magic force is gluing your children, grandchildren, and students to their computers, smartphones, and video game consoles?   Video games, arcades, and the blackjack tables hold an immense power in our society and are becoming hot academic subjects in medicine, psychology, economics, and education.  Join our next Nerd Night to learn more about how these powerful tools are evolving to serve as a source of social good.


About the Speakers:

  • Mike Pitcher (Director of Academic Technologies-Learning Environments at UTEP) – the Esports revolution
  • Steven Varela (Associate Director with Academic Technologies at UTEP) – game-informed teaching and learning
  • Josh Bound (Founder of Video Game Clubs of America) – the social impact of gaming
  • Marina Navarrete (2019 World Wizard Cards Championship finalist) – global connections  and gaming
  • Dr. Art Duval (UTEP Professor of Mathematical Sciences) – mathematics of games

Where:  Funkmeyers Rec Room

Suite B-1, 1506 Lee Trevino Dr, El Paso, TX 79936

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