Nerd Night #30: The Science & Art of Graphic Design

The Science & Art of Graphic Design

Thursday July 30th @ 6:00pm

Graphic design is everywhere; the restaurant menu, a familiar logo, social movement symbols, program interfaces, websites, even road signs. Providing a visual language for the fast-paced culture we live in, graphic design is the link between the digital world and illustration, typography, photography, animation, printing, architecture, communication, advertising, and coding.  The handiwork of artists twist the creative process to produce an attractive visual presentation that our human brains crave.

Graphic design simplifies the exchange of knowledge, conveying complex ideas in an accessible manner. As we spend more and more time online, we expect a pleasant digital experience and ease of navigation, thanks to designers. The “gap” between science and art narrows as graphic designers make data and information appealing, organized layout, and efficient. Come learn about the science and are of graphic design!


About our Speakers:

  • Anne M. Giangiulio – Associate Professor; Graphic Designer
  • Clive Cochran – Senior Lecturer; Graphic Designer
  • Joel and Iris MartinezEME Design Studio
  • Ray Sanchez – Ghostlight Creative
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