Nerd Night #32: Observing the Moon

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Images, Stories, Imaginations


(A Special Edition of Nerd Nights)

Friday September 25th @ 6:00pm

The Art, Stories, and Imaginations inspired by our beloved Moon

This special edition of Nerd Nights kicks off a new series of Insights El Paso Space Festival. To get you ready for the next Space Festival scheduled for Fall 2021, we will be hosting quarterly events highlighting different aspects of the Festival.  This inaugural event we focus on the Moon – ever present, but perhaps not always seen.

In conjunction with NASA’s annual “International Observe the Moon” event, we celebrate the relationship between life on Earth and the Moon. Gather up your favorite moon images, stories, and/ or poetry and join us as we to explore the art and stories resulting from observing the moon, ways they have inspired both space exploration and space tourism adventures,  and begin thinking about we – you – can contribute your own creative imaginations of space travel and adventures that help shape the was we think about living on the moon.

About our Speakers:

  • “Observing and Understanding Earth’s Natural Satellite
    by Robert Reeves, Astrophotographer, Author

    Robert is an accomplished deep sky astrophotographer whose current passion is re-popularizing the Moon within the amateur astronomy community. Robert has perfected image processing techniques that allow the amateur astronomer, using modest equipment, to exceed the quality of Earth-based professional lunar photographs taken during the Apollo era. He will be sharing some of his images and tips for taking your own pictures.
  • The Many Faces of Jules Verne’s “Trip to the Moon
    by Brenda Trinidad, ABD. El Paso Space Festival Coordinator, Space Ethnographer
    Brenda is self proclaimed space geek who is inspired by the Moon’s capacity to evoke imaginations of space travel and adventures. She hopes to be among those that spend time on the forthcoming Artemis “Base Camp” on the lunar surface, but in the meantime works to create experiences that connect people to the awe and wonder of the universe. In her talk she will share some of her research into terrestrial space tourism options that highlight perhaps little known impacts of one of Jules Verne’s famous book “Trip to the Moon” as a backdrop to the emerging role of space festivals, in general, and for the Fall 2021 El Paso Space Festival.
  • ‘There are Men bouncing on the Moon!’: Memories of Apollo 11 from Children in Chile, Iran, Spain, & India
    by Danny Bednar, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and the Environment, Western University, Canada
    Apollo 11 was watched, or listened to, by over one billion people around the world. In our book For All Humankind: The Untold Stories of how the Moon Landing Inspired the World, Tanya Harrison and I spoke with people from around the world about their memories of the event. Most of our interviewees were children at the time and used memories of Earth, science fiction, and their own brilliant imaginations to picture what was happening 200,000 miles away. This talk will present some of stories shared with us from people who were children at the time, showing how images and sounds from the Moon in July 1969 combined with the imaginations of children to form lasting memories.
  • My Images, My Imagination, My Story
    by you the audience!!
    The El Paso Space Festival will be built from a grassroots perspective, for and by the community. Collecting space related stories will be one way to connect to the heart and soul of what outer space means to our community, and we start with the Moon. Gather your favorite images of the moon – either that you’ve take yourself, found on a site such as the Lunar and Planetary Institute, or created – there will be a chance to share your creativity throughout the evening. We will share ideas of how to expand this experience during the Space Festival in Fall 2021

Where:  Your House via Zoom

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