Nerd Night #33: Candy

Nerd Night: Candy

Friday October 30th @ 6:00pm

Candy Making Demonstration  |  Commercial Production  |  Nutrition 

How does sugarcane make its way from a field, to raw sugar, to a factory and into a gummy bear?  And what happens to that gummy bear once it makes its way into your grocery store, shopping cart and eventually your stomach?  Grab your favorite bag of Halloween candy and join our next Nerd Night to take a deep dive into the delicious world of candy science!  Our October Nerd Night offers an excellent way to celebrate a socially distant Halloween with your friends and family.  Costumes are welcome! 

About our Speakers:

  • Alison Swietek (Manager, Meetings and Education of the Sugar Association) – Where sugar comes from and common sugar myths
  • Dr. Joseph Martin (Board Certified Family Physician, Addiction Medicine Specialist, and Emergency Medicine Resident at Texas Tech University Health Services) – Sugar addiction and effects sugar has on the body
  • Bob Bianca (Vice President of Research & Development at Mount Franklin Foods, LLC)  – Candy ingredients, processing, products, and trends
  • Adán Medrano (Food Writer, Culinary Arts of  JM Media, LLC) – Candy in culture
  • Chef Jesus Lugo (Certified Executive Chef at EPCC Culinary Department)  –  Candy making demonstration

Where:  Your House via Zoom

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