Nerd Night #34: Dance

Nerd Night: Dance

Friday, November 20th @ 6 pm

Dance Movement and the Nervous System | Dance and Culture | Dance Demonstrations

How do the brain and body work in unison to produce intricate dance movements?  How can dance look so different across different cultures, yet invoke the same emotion and feelings?  Have you ever wished to tear up the dance floor doing the Tango, but not quite sure how to do so? Lace up your best and favorite dancing shoes and join our next Nerd Night that will get our off your seat and into the world of Dance! Our November Nerd Night offers an excellent way to celebrate all things Dance with your friends and family in a virtual environment. A dance partner is not required, but will be fun either way!


About our Speakers:


  • Ray E. Schwartz (Lecturer, UTEP Theatre and Dance Department) – Dance movement, kinesthetics and the relationship to sensory (somatic system)
  • Alexandria Johnson (Dance educator and Zena Rommett Floor Barre instructor) – Physics of dance
  • Margaret and Walker Fillius (a retired research physicist and a retired biochemist, who met through Scandinavian dancing) –  Scandinavian folk dancing introduction
  • Guillermo Cerneaz (tango instructor based in Buenos Aires) –  Tango introduction and demonstration


Where:  Your House via Zoom

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