Nerd Night #35: Holiday Spirits

Special Anniversary Nerd Night: Holiday Spirits


Thursday, December 10th @ 6 pm

Cocktail Chemistry Kit   Sun City Distillery Tour Raffle Prizes  |  Silent Auction

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate the holidays, learn something new, and support your favorite local organizations? We’ve got you covered! Enjoy a sneak peek into the workings of El Paso’s very first distillery. Master distillers, cocktail craftsmen, scientists, and educators will take you on a journey from grain, to yeast, to still, to bottle, to your cocktail glass. Get into the spirit and join us to celebrate the 3-year anniversary of our monthly Insights Nerd Night series with this special edition Nerd Night event.


This special Nerd Night event is proudly supported by El Paso’s very first and only distillery:

 Sun City Distillery

Sun City Distillery is located at 1305 Texas Ave. in the heart of downtown El Paso. Although, the distillery doors just opened in 2020, their distillers have been creating and experimenting with recipes and batches for over seven years. Through many collaborations and experimentation’s they have created a blend of premium spirit selections that El Paso can be proud to call our own. During the Nerd Night virtual distillery tour, we’ll get a chance to visit the Sun City Distillery, rip back the curtains and see what goes into every one of their products.


In addition to a full sized bottle of Sun City Distillery gin, a cocktail chemistry kit is included with your ticket. The distillery offers curbside pick-up of your Nerd Night kit and additional spirits:


About our Speakers:


  • Ryan Carrillo, Xavier Gonzalez, and Miguel Arciniega (Co-owners of the Sun City Distillery)
    • Virtual Distillery tour & demonstration of the distillation process 
  • Dr. Charlie Bamforth (Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the Department of Food Science and Technology, University of California)
    • Yeast Microbiology in the fermentation process
  • Carlie Steiner (Cocktail Guru and Owner of Secco Cocktails)
    • Featured cocktail (Holiday gimlet) making class
  • Bernie Sargent (The Chair of the Board for the Trost Society and King of El Paso History)
    • El Paso prohibition and bootlegging history
  • Dr. Catherine Brewer (Associate Professor at NMSU) & Dr. Stephen Taylor (Adjunct Faculty at NMSU)
    • Liquor Flavor Chemistry & Engineering interactive activity


Where:  Your House via Zoom

Silent Auction – Christmas shopping for a good cause

Just like last year’s special 2-year Nerd Night anniversary celebration, this year’s event will also feature trivia prizes, a raffle, and silent auction. Just in time for Christmas, we’ll have a wide range of gift certificates, wine cases, cocktail packages, kids classes, chocolates and more available for the perfect gift.  This special event supports Insights’ Nerd Night events and other hands-on STEAM educational workshops, summer camps, hiking tours and activity kits.

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