Nerd Night #40: Photography

Nerd Night: Photography

Thursday, May 20th @ 6 pm

Photography:    Science    |    History    |    Culture

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But do you ever wonder, what else “they” say?
A picture allows us to capture a moment in time. But have you ever considered what it takes to capture that image?
Photography allows us to take a glimpse into the past. But have you pondered what it took to preserve such historical treasures?
Join us as we dive into all things photography including the science behind it, how it has evolved throughout history, and how it has become a central tool to preserving and showcasing cultures throughout the world.


About our Speakers:

  • Celio Barreto is a Toronto-based photography and visual culture nerd-at-large interested in the lesser-known histories of photography from around the world. Barreto researches the reciprocal influence of photography and culture in Meiji-Era Japan. He teaches and develops media-rich and interactive curricula for his Film and Media Studies remote courses at Seneca College and the University of Guelph-Humber. He holds a B.A. and a B.F.A. (Hons.) in Visual Arts-MultiMedia from the University of Windsor, an M.A. in Film & Photographic Preservation and Collections Management from Ryerson University, and is a Visual Culture Ph.D. Candidate at De Montfort University’s Photographic History Research Centre.
    Nerd Night Presentation: History of Photography: A quick snapshot


  • David Brown has over 50 years of experience in many phases of photography. He’s been a wedding and commercial photographer, a darkroom technician, and a teacher. Currently, he is concentrating on teaching and lecturing and teaches darkroom workshops at the Dallas Center for Photography. After a lifetime of landscapes, architectural, and documentary work, he wishes to make more photographs that he first “sees” in his mind, rather than capturing a scene that he encounters. As part of that process, Brown has moved into the studio, experimenting with still life, macro, and small abstract setups. He is a true believer that one must never stop learning and moving forward!
    Nerd Night Presentation: The Science of Photography


  • Sam Winer (Museum Curator) and Claudia Ley (Education Curator) from UTEP’s Centennial Museum and Desert Gardens will lead a virtual tour of the museum’s current exhibit: Into the Great White Sands by Craig Varjabedian which is open now through July 3, 2021. A Q&A will follow the virtual tour. For more info visit: Centennial Museum


Where:  Your House via Zoom


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