Nerd Night #41: Desert Cooking

Nerd Night: Desert Cooking

Thursday, June 24th @ 6 pm

Desert:    Farming  |  Wild Edibles  |  Cooking

The desert is often thought of as a dead, unproductive environment. However, it is anything but that!! The desert is bountiful through its fauna and flora. In fact, foraging for food in the desert is quite easy and you would be surprised by what can actually be consumed ‘hiding’ right before your eyes! Join us for this insightful Nerd Night where we will explore the magnificent desert in search of wild edibles and herbs, discover tips for desert farming/gardening and learn some new cooking recipes using native plants and edibles!

About our Speakers:

  • Deborah Ray has been studying and practicing diversified vegetable production in the semi-arid west since 2012. She has a B.S. in Agriculture from NMSU and a M.S. in Horticulture from CSU. She loves discovering and sharing the environmental, culinary, and artistic potential of wild and cultivated crop plants. She has launched IDEA Public Schools’ two local campus farms and now oversees the IDEA Farm Program in the region. She is thrilled to join the Insights Science Center Nerd Nights learning community!
    • Nerd Night Presentation:  From Sand to Salad: Keys to a thriving edible garden in the Chihuahuan Desert
  • Dr. Eric Kappus is a Biology and Geology professor at Southwest University at El Paso. He is also a Research Associate Professor at the University of Texas at El Paso, a Research Paleontologist for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science, a Science Content Coach and Consultant, as well as President of Celebration of Our Mountains 501 (c)(3) . Dr. Kappus researches trace fossils in the El Paso region, where he has reported over 35 different species, including over 1000 dinosaur footprints. He is also a five-time graduate from Tom Brown’s Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School and teaches ethnobotany and aboriginal skills.
    • Nerd Night Presentation: Edible and Useful Plants of the El Paso/Juarez Region
  • Chef Mateo Herrera is the the Director of Paho; a community based program centered on preserving the Indigenous Foodways of the Chihuahuan Desert. Chef Mateo is an Honors Graduate of the California School of Culinary arts with a career spanning over two decades and 6 major cities. “If we want to eradicate the major health issues plaguing our community; we need to begin by reconnecting with the Foods of our Ancestors.”
    • Nerd Night Presentation: Mesquite: Our Tree of Life
    • Chef Mateo will demo two recipes:
      Recipe #1
      Mesquite Spice Mix
      Recipe #2
      Mesquite Rubbed Lamb Shanks with Hatch Green Chile

Where:  Your House via Zoom

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