Nerd Night #8 Seismology

8th Nerd Night on Thursday, July 26th:


Could an earthquake happen in El Paso?  Who’s FAULT would it be?  The ground beneath our feet is always on the move! Join the state seismologist of Texas to learn more about the seismic activity of the Border Region and the science of seismology.  Using our newfound seismology skills we will play on a Fact or Fiction Seismology Trivia game centered around clips from the movie San Andreas.  Prizes will be earthshaking.



  1. the branch of science concerned with earthquakes and related phenomena.


Dr. Aaron Velasco

Dr. Velasco is not only the Texas State seismologist, but an accomplished faculty member of the Department of Geologic Sciences at UTEP.  His research has spanned a variety of subjects, including earthquake source modeling, seismotectonics, earthquake hazards, 3-D Earth modeling, and nuclear treaty monitoring research.  From volcanoes in Kenya to earthquakes in Nepal, Dr. Velasco’s seismic studies have taken him all over the world.


Where:  The Fainting Goat

504 W San Antonio Ave, El Paso, TX 79901

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