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STEM Workshops easily adapted to GT-specific programs


Being virtual won’t stop Insights from bringing fun hands-on learning to your students.  Insights Virtual STEAM Workshops provide fun, hands-on STEAM enrichment activities to keep your students engaged.  Each 1.5-hour workshop includes a prepared activity kit with all necessary materials, complete instructions, mini competitions, and hands-on activity guided by a live virtual workshop.  Virtual  workshops provide interactive STEAM activities hosted by Insights’ trained educational staff.  Pre-assembled kits will be distributed to your campus.  Programs can be tailored to fit the needs of your students; additional or customized workshops are available upon request.



Science of Motion


    1. [3rd, 4th and 5th Grade] – Elastic Energy
      1. Students will engage in the design process by first observing how energy is transformed from potential to kinetic by constructing a balloon-powered car. Then, they will identify, design, and test improvements to the car to increase its speed or distance traveled.
    2. [Middle School] – Energy in Motion
      1. Students will explore how energy is transformed from potential to kinetic in two ways, by constructing a balloon-powered car and rubber-band powered car. They will then be challenged to adjust the design of one of the cars to travel further and/or longer.
    3. [High School] – Motion on Mars
      1. Students will first learn how Mars rovers move and are powered. They will explore and build models that show how motion can be transferred into different directions (rotational to linear). Students will use a variety of materials to design and adapt the rover to deal with Mars’ changing seasons- and amount of solar radiation available.



Exploring Artificial Intelligence + Robotics


    1. [3rd, 4th and 5th Grade] – Reaching Out with Robotics
      1. Students will learn about what a robot is and how we are using them. Then, they will be challenged to design and construct a robotic hand to lift and move objects. Then they’ll learn about robots who can make expressions and create their own robot face, capable of movement. 
    2. [Middle School] – Neural Network and Robotic Hand
      1. Students will participate in two challenges. First, students will be challenged with designing a robotic hand to lift and move objects. Then, they will be introduced to the concept of a neural network and design, construct, and test a system that is capable of classifying information.
    3. [High School] – Self-Driving Car Game and Robotic Face
      1. Students will participate in two challenges. After an introduction to and discussion on why companies, like Disney, are putting “human-like” faces on robots, students will build their own robotic face, capable of expressing emotion. Then, they will design and build a circuit and mimic the decision-making system that is used by self-driving cars.  



Circuits and Electricity


    1. [3rd, 4th and 5th Grade] – Operation-style Game
      1. Students will first use batteries, LEDs, and wires to construct series circuits and identify energy transformations. Then, they will design and build an Operation-Style game that will test their coordination.
    2. [Middle School] – Operation-style Game and Quiz Game
      1. After being shown how to build series and parallel circuits, students will first design an Operation-Style game that challenges them to keep a steady hand lest they light up the LED!  Then, they will use their knowledge of circuits to create a quiz game, in which the LED will only light up with the correct answer.
    3. [High School] – Circuits and Engineering Design
      1. After being shown how to build series and parallel circuits, students will choose 1 of 3 real-world challenges to brainstorm, design, test, and redesign a system utilizing circuits and the provided materials. The themes of the challenges will be: communication (design an informational poster/button pin), civil engineering (design a water detector), and game design (design a joystick).


$27 per student per workshop or $24 per student if you book all 3 workshops  (23 student minimum)


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“The students LOVED the workshops yesterday. Thank you! ” – Recent GT Coordinator Comment 



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