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Citizen Science

Also known as Community Science

As scientists find ways to solve important, global issues, it has become increasingly apparent that scientists alone cannot cover every detail involved in scientific research. Enter Citizen Science: a collaboration between scientists and everyday people who are just curious or concerned and motivated to make a difference in our world.

City Nature Challenge

What is the CNC? Started in 2016 for the first-ever Citizen Science Day, the citizen science teams at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and California Academy of Sciences dreamed up the City Nature Challenge as a fun way to take advantage of their home cities’ friendly rivalry and hold a citizen science event around urban biodiversity. Since then, the City Nature Challenge (CNC) has grown into an international event, motivating people around the world to find and document plants and wildlife in their cities. Join Insights, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Franklin Mountains State Park, Audubon Society, Green Hope Project, Frontera Land Alliance and many others in this fun BioBlitz challenge to represent the city of El Paso! Our goal is to document the most species during April 28 - May…

Current Grant Funded
School Programs:

Insights collaborates with multiple school districts, local organizations, and university partners to seek and implement gran-funded multi year STEAM educational programs.  Please contact us today if you’re interested in collaboratively implementing a program on your campus.  Current programs include:

Why is Insights a great STEAM education provider?

Founded in 1980 as a brick-and-mortar science center and demolished in 2012, we have jumped completely out of the box and now offer mobile STEAM learning experiences for the whole community.

Contact us to learn more about Insights’ enrichment activities for your school.

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