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2023 Theme: The Evolution of Space Exploration


Girl Scout Badgeathon!

Friday, September 29th  5:00P - 8:00P

Girl Scout Program Center, 9700 Girl Scout Way, El Paso, TX 79924

3…..2….1…. Blast Off!
Did you know that virtually every female astronaut who has flown in space was a Girl Scout? That’s right, the path to high adventure beings with Girl Scouting.

Discover the stars, connect with your sky, and share your love for space at our free Girl Scout Space Badgeathon. Experience the Girl Scout space badges for yourself and learn about Girl Scouts. Come as you are, there's no need for special equipment—just a love of the stars.

  • Daisies (K–1) will learn about being a Space Science Explorer by observing the Sun, Moon, and sky.

  • Brownies (2-3) will discover Space Science Adventuring by digging into the Solar System, Moon phases, and constellations.

  • Juniors (4-5) will work on being a Space Science Investigator by exploring the planets, scale, and motion of our Solar System, discovering stars and the night sky.

  • Cadettes (6-8) will learn how to be a Space Science Researcher by investigating visible and invisible light, observing after dark, and taking a step toward conserving the night sky.

  • Seniors (9-10) will discover how to be a Space Science Expert by studying the lifecycles and classification of stars, then practicing astrophotography.

  • Ambassadors (11-12) will work on becoming a Space Science Master by looking at worlds beyond Earth, doing research, and learning about women at NASA.


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