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As a part of our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education mission, we have teamed up with UTEP’s Centennial Museum to bring a new event to the Border Region – Nerd Nights.  Nerd Nights is a series of informative evening events designed to bring fun scientific talks and activities to your favorite local brewery, restaurant, coffee shop, or any other community hub.  We will host a different Nerd Night at a different local establishment on a semi monthly basis.



Why Nerd Nights?  We launched Nerd Nights because we wanted to find an entertaining way to learn something new while sharing good food and drink with new friends.

Nerd Nights unites our community with a celebration of Science!




So what should our first Nerd Night be about?  When answering this question our committee of volunteers decided that our first Nerd Night should celebrate the beer brewing scene that has taken El Paso by storm!  In the last three years, the number of breweries in El Paso has quadrupled, with several more on the way. Our first Nerd Night must therefore be:


Nerd Night 1: Hop Chemistry

To better understand just what makes El Paso’s beer so tasty, we invited distinguished speakers Dr. Stephen Taylor, professor of Brewing Chemistry at NMSU, and Carlos Guzman, head brewer of El Paso Brewing, to demystify the wide world of beer chemistry.  Have no Fear! If the very mention of the word chemistry makes your palms sweat with traumatic memories of formulas and equations, keep calm and sip your sudds:

We promise stress-free Hop Chemistry!

While you are sipping on a flight of some of El Paso’s finest craft beer, you’ll enjoy learning WHY the one your drinking was more bitter, sour, or sweeter than the last from some of the most knowledgeable beer buffs in the Border Region.


Where: El Paso Brewing Company

When: Friday, Dec. 8th at 7:30pm – 9:00pm

How to Attend: Buy a Ticket

To keep Nerd Nights intimate, only 50 tickets for Hop Chemistry are available and are expected to sell out quickly.  All proceeds from Nerd Nights will be used to host future Nerd Nights.  You must be 21 years of age or older to attend this event.

Each $8 ticket includes a 4 beer flight!


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