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In 2002, dinosaur tracks were discovered by geologist Eric Kappus at Cerro de Cristo Rey. These dinosaur tracks are 97 million-years-old! Nature trails and guided tours are available for you to explore this prehistoric landscape.

The Insights El Paso Science Center owns 211 acres of DinoTracks at the border of 2 countries and 3 states. A long time ago, the Chihuahuan Desert was actually very wet. Millennia of geological activity changed the environment, but we can still see the evidence of dinosaurs here today.

Join one of our docents for a personal tour of the DinoTracks near Sunland Park. We have trails with various footprints from the Cretaceous Period. Visitors can also visit a fossil bed as well as the massive trackways where it looks as though a herd passed through.

DinoTracks Guided Tours:

Tours can be catered to each particular groups special interests. Tours last about 2-3 hours and accommodate all ages (subjects including; Earth & Space, Biology, Organisms & Environmental Sciences).  Topics we can cover are:

  • Animal Tracking basics
  • Aquatic fossils
  • Dinosaurs
  • Trace fossils
  • How fossils are made
  • The Rio Grande River Basin
  • Sedimentation and Erosion
  • Volcanism
  • Earthquakes and Tectonic Plate Activities



Insights offers three different DinoTrack tour options:

First Sunday Public Tours

On the first Sunday of every month at 1 pm, Insights will offer a guided public tour of our DinoTracks.   First Sunday tours offer an active learning experience suitable for the whole family.  Click the above link to find out more information about this series and to book your tour.

School Tours

Are you an educator interested in taking your class on an educational DinoTrack tour?  Insights provides discounted DinoTrack tours for school groups, TEK-aligned DinoTrack lesson plans, and ample bus parking.  Visit this link to find out more information about our school tours.

Private Tours

Would you like to arrange a private DinoTrack tour to fit your schedule?  We are happy to schedule tours for scout troops, families, or clubs on a time and date of your choosing.  Follow the link above to book a private tour for 6 or more people at no additional cost.


Still have questions about our DinoTrack tours?

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