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Fun & Educational School Field Trip = DinoTracks

During your DinoTracks school field trip, Insights’ tour guides will take your students on a 2-mile hike through our 211 acres of fossilized dinosaur tracks and giant fossil beds from the Cretaceous Period.

An ancient treasure is hidden in the rock beds of our corner of the vast Chihuahuan Desert.  Millennia of geological activity has changed the wet environment to an extreme and arid desert, but we can still see the evidence of an ancient dinosaur beach here today.  Insights’ knowledgeable tour guides can cover a variety of topics associated with our DinoTracks.  Please let us know if you would specifically like to learn more about animal tracking, dinosaurs, geology, paleontology, or other topics.

Tours usually last about 2.5 hours, so be sure to bring plenty of water, a snack, and sunscreen.  As you will be hiking over moderate terrain for about 2-miles, you will need to wear comfortable (tough) closed-toed shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. Students and Chaperones must bring their own water. Pack in-Pack out if you plan to bring your own lunches/snacks!

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DinoTracks Curriculum

Thanks to a generous grant from the El Paso Community Foundation, Insights has developed pre tour and post tour TEK-aligned lesson plans for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  DinoTracks curriculum blends ELA, Science, and Math topics to craft hands-on, engaging activities.  All curriculum includes comprehensive background information, printable materials like graphic organizers, and Google Form STAAR-style short assessments.

2nd-4th Grade:    Classifying Rocks   |    Food Webs   |  Structure and Function

5th Grade:             Pre-Tour Curriculum    |    Post-Tour Curriculum   |  Pre-Tour Assessment  |  Post-Tour Assessment

6th Grade:             Pre-Tour Curriculum   |   Post-Tour Curriculum     | Pre-Tour Assessment   | Post-Tour Assessment

7th Grade:             Pre-Tour Curriculum   |   Post-Tour Curriculum   | Pre-Tour Assessment   | Post-Tour Assessment

8th Grade:             Pre-Tour Curriculum   |   Post-Tour Curriculum    | Pre-Tour Assessment   | Post-Tour Assessment

Highschool:          DinoTracks History   |    Identifying Plants and Animals   |  Is it a Bird?

Booking a school tour is EASY:

  1. Fill out the form on this page
  2. Insights will send you a quote in 2-4 business days
  3. Submit quote to your district for purchase order authorization (we recommend submitting your invoice at least two months before your scheduled tour date)
  4. Send your authorized purchase order to Insights (info@insightselpaso.org) at least two weeks before your selected tour date
  5. We’ll book your tour!
  6. After the tour you will receive an invoice.

Call us if you have any questions!

(915) 534-0000

Begin your school field trip booking process here:

Upon completion of this school field trip request form, we will send a quote to the point of contact listed in this form.

    Point of contact:

    Tour Cost:

    Payment or Purchase Order authorization must be received at least TWO WEEKS prior to the scheduled tour date.  Please note that travel approval from your district may take up to one month if general funds are used and two months if Title One funds are used.  Tour Guides will not be scheduled until the payment is received or the Purchase Order is authorized.

    $12 per student

    $12 for chaperones

    *1 adult for every 10 students gets in FREE!

    School Tour Policies:

    • Tours will not be scheduled until payment is received or a Purchase Order authorization is issued.
    • Cancellations due to weather: in the event that inclement weather disrupts a tour, it may be rescheduled one time only with no booking fee.
    • A second rescheduling, due to weather or another unforeseen circumstance, will incur a 15% rebooking fee.
    • Cancellation after payment confirmation is received / within two weeks of the scheduled tour date will incur a 15% rebooking fee.

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