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Nerd Night: Mindful Meditation


Thursday, January 28th @ 6 pm

Reset 2021: Being in the ‘here and now’

2020 was a year like no other! However, 2021 brings change, new opportunities and a time to RESET! As a part of resetting many of us establish New Year Resolutions, and among those resolutions many aim to “be present in the moment”, but how do we do this? Join us as we explore the art of MINDFUL MEDITATION. Come learn about the interconnectedness of the mind and body; understand how the body perceives pain and how meditation can mediate pain; explore contemplative practices that can help provide self-awareness and mitigate stress; and participate in live meditation and sound healing sessions.


This Nerd Night Event will feature a special raffle for all ticket holders: Relaxation Basket provided by Hippie Girl Natural Products. 

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As a special thank you to all our hard working healthcare workers, we are offering a discounted (half-price) ticket – just select the discount at checkout.



About our Speakers:

  • Norma Wong (RYT, CYT, Well- Being Curator at Shanti Yoga and Life Coach)
    • Meditation and the body mind connection with breath and movement.
  • Sandra Lopez (M.D./OBGYN, FACOG , RYT, CYT)
    • Meditation and neurological system: using holistic approaches to mediate pain.
  • Juliet Trail (PhD; Founder and Director of Courageous Compassion Connection)
    • The Benefits of Mindfulness: Dealing with Stress, Attention and Emotions.
  • Sound Healing by TBD guest

Where:  Your House via Zoom



How to RSVP:

Tickets to Nerd Night: Mindful Meditation

As a special thank you to all our hard working healthcare workers, we are offering a discounted (half-price) ticket – just select the discount at checkout.


Nerd Nights unites our community with a celebration of Science & Humanities.




As a part of our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education mission, we have teamed up with UTEP’s Centennial Museum to bring a new event to the Border Region – Nerd Nights.  Nerd Nights is a series of informative evening events designed to bring fun scientific/humanities talks and activities to your favorite local brewery, restaurant, coffee shop, or any other community hub.  We will host a different Nerd Night at a different local establishment on a monthly basis.

Why Nerd Nights?  We launched Nerd Nights because we wanted to find an entertaining way to learn something new while sharing good food and drink with new friends.


Still have questions about Nerd Nights? Please read our Nerd Night FAQ’s.


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Wine Attitude is not your usual bar.  They feature great conversation, happy hour, live music, and select only the finest wines from around the world and bring them here for your enjoyment.   Be sure to check out Wine Attitude’s new location on Mesa.


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Virgin Galactic is a spaceflight company within the Virgin Group at the vanguard of a new industry, pioneering the next generation of reusable space vehicles. Virgin aims to transform the current cost, safety and environmental impact of space-launch.  In doing so they are helping to create a basic space access infrastructure that will act as an enabler for scientists and entrepreneurs.  It will also provide the catalyst for a new age of space exploration which promises enormous positive potential for life on Earth.


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Thwaites Interdisciplinary Margin Evolution – The TIME group studies the role of shear margin dynamics in the future evolution of Thwaites Drainage Basin.  TIME is an ice-based project using state-of-the-art geophysical techniques to observe rapidly deforming parts of Thwaites Glacier (shear margins) which may have significant control over future stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS). The TIME project will observe rapidly deforming parts of Thwaites Glacier which may have significant control over the future evolution of WAIS, and use these new observations to improve ice sheet models used to predict future sea level rise.


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