Nerd Night Frequently Asked Questions

Nerd Nights FAQ’s:

Does ticket price include alcohol and food?
  • No, the ticket price does not typically include food or drinks unless otherwise stated.
Is there a dress code?
    • There is no dress code for the event.  Our Nerd Nights have been held everywhere from outdoors to downtown bars.  We encourage you to dress comfortably.
Must all attendees be age 21+?
    • Our Nerd Night events are designed for adults and will not interest younger children.  If the venue allows guests on the premises under the age of 21, we don’t mind if you bring your kids to the event.
If tickets are sold out online can I purchase one at the door?
  • Tickets are available for purchase at the door, only if the event has not already been sold out online.  Several of our events have completely sold out online and we have had to turn Nerds away at the door.  To help the venue and our staff prepare for the event, we encourage you to purchase your tickets online in advance of the event.
Still have questions about Nerd Night?  Please contact us!
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