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History Insights El Paso Science Center was founded in 1979 to offer interactive science education experiences to the Border Region. Read more
Laughter Friday, April 24th at 6 pm Three scientists walk into a bar and  ... ? Could you use a Read more
Innovation: BACK TO EDUCATORS PAGE Read more
Nerd Night: EP Environmentalism Thursday, May 26, 2022 @ 6:00pm Community Engagement  |  Cultural & Historical Preservation  |  Capacity Building  Read more
Nerd Night: BioCakes Thursday, July 7, 2022 @ 6:00pm GMO 101  |  Hands-on GMO Experiment  |  Cake Baking and Eating  Read more
Nerd Night: Mindful Meditation   Thursday, January 28th @ 6 pm Reset 2021: Being in the ‘here and now’ 2020 Read more
Nerd Night:  Contact (Special 2021 EPSF) Movie Night Wednesday, September 22nd @ 6:30 pm PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: Join us to Read more
Are you interested in becoming a certified Insights DinoTracks Tour Guide? You will learn the history and geological knowledge required Read more
2019 After School Computer Science Program Insights has partnered with Montana Vista Elementary School, Horizon Middle School, IDEA Mesa Hills & Read more
El Paso Art Association Creative Kids   BACK TO EDUCATORS PAGE Read more

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