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2018 Pick-N-Learn After School & Summer Camp Program Insights has partnered with UTEP to launch a series of interactive STEAM Read more
9th Nerd Night on Friday, August 17th: Art & Science of Paper What will happen to the paper sitting in Read more
 14th Nerd Night on Friday, January 25th: Rations and Rivets  What have you sacrificed for your country lately?  Would you Read more
Energy efficiency: Solar Power: Recycling Water usage and conservation: Desert gardening: Read more
Nerd Night on Friday, June 14th: 3D Printing How will 3D printing change the future of art and manufacturing?   Read more
3rd Nerd Night - February 9th: The Spirit of Tequila Proudly Sponsored by Republic National Distributing   What is the Read more
Nerd Night #1: Hop Chemistry So what should our first Nerd Night be about?  When answering this question our committee Read more
Nerd Night: Desert Waters Thursday, October 28th @ 6:00 pm PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: UTEP's NSF funded Dryland Critical Zone Project Read more
El Paso Art Association Creative Kids   BACK TO EDUCATORS PAGE Read more
Laughter Friday, April 24th at 6 pm Three scientists walk into a bar and  ... ? Could you use a Read more

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