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Public First Sunday Tours are not currently available.  Please contact us if you're interested in booking a private tour or Read more
Special Anniversary Nerd Night: Holiday Spirits   Thursday, December 10th @ 6 pm Cocktail Chemistry Kit  |  Sun City Distillery Tour  |  Read more
Do you want to help protect the DinoTracks site and develop it's educational potential for our community? We invite you Read more
Innovation: BACK TO EDUCATORS PAGE Read more
11th Nerd Night on Friday, October 5th: Open Archives What THINGS make history?  Who keeps rooms full of dead things? Read more
Contribute Now We are now accepting donations; your contributions will be greatly appreciated! Support Science as you shop via Amazon Read more
Laughter Friday, April 24th at 6 pm Three scientists walk into a bar and  ... ? Could you use a Read more
Use your Pick-N-Learn activity kit to join these 2020 & 2021Workshops via this Zoom Link: Learn more about our Read more
Las Cruces Museum of Nature & Science: Back to Educators Page Read more
Nerd Night on Friday, September 13th: Keystone Archaeology Guided Hike & Talk  |  BYOB |  Light Refreshments    Did you Read more

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