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Applications NOW DUE January 25th

Thanks to $100,000 in EPA grant funding, Insights is launching an environmental leadership program for two local high schools. Insights’ Student-led Environmental Stewardship Initiative (SESI) is a new EPA-funded environmental education program set to launch in the 2019-2020 school year. SESI will empower high school students to develop a fully student-led conservation stewardship program to solve an environmental problem in their community. Guided by environmental education organizations, students will build a environmental knowledge and set of critical thinking skills during in-class workshops and field trips. Armed with a deeper environmental awareness, student clubs will receive $10,000 to tackle an environmental restoration project of their own choosing. SESI provides structure and financial resources to connect local environmental education organizations with two high school environmental science programs.

Two Border Region High Schools will receive over $50,000 in support of their SESI program over a two year period.

Would you like to see this program serve students at your high school? Ask your high school environmental science teacher or principal to apply today! SESI applications for local environmental education organizations and high schools are now available:

Submit your simple application:

High School Application

Environmental Education Organization Application

More information about Insights’ SESI program will be shared soon …

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