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We want to thank the El Paso Community who has supported our Nerd Night program over the past 5 years!  Insights is committed to bringing the most current, novel and interactive Nerd Nights to our adult audience. As such, at this time we are undergoing an organizational reset and our Nerd Night program is being reassessed and revamped for 2023 and onward. Please stay tuned as we will announce the return of our Nerd Nights!
We look forward to seeing in you 2023!

*There are limited number of tickets available for this event. Depending on availability, tickets can be purchased at the door, but ticket price will increase.*

Your ticket purchase allows us at Insights to continue to provide STEAM education programs to our El Paso Community. As a not-for-profit organization, our efforts are made possible by the generous support of people like you. We sincerely appreciate your contribution!

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Past events

Why Nerd Nights?  We launched Nerd Nights because we wanted to find an entertaining way to learn something new while sharing good food and drink with new friends.

paranormal investigation.jpeg

Join us at the historical WigWam in downtown El Paso for this spooky Nerd Night as we explore the science behind paranormal investigation. With our expert friends from the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society, we will learn about some of the amazing tech and tools used to research paranormal activity, dive into the history of some of the most well known local hauntings and even partake in

movie night.jpeg

EPSF Sci-Fi Movie Night – Passengers

Join us to watch ‘Passengers’, a film that brings science fiction and romance at the forefront of space exploration. The film, deemed as brilliant for bringing to light the ethical conundrum of space exploration and the beauty of the vast unknown, is one you’d surely want to see. Winner, Arts Director Guild Excellence in Production Design; Two time Academy Award Nominee.


Nerd Night where we will explore all the advancements in GMO research and uses, and lead an open discussion on the ethics of GMOs. During this interactive Nerd Night event, attendees will participate in a hands-on GMO experiment, modifying yeast cells. This will be a tasty and intriguing event!

Nerd Nights FAQ’s:

Does the ticket price include alcohol and food?

  • No, the ticket price does not typically include food or drinks unless otherwise stated.

Is there a dress code?

  • There is no dress code for the event.  Our Nerd Nights have been held everywhere from outdoors to downtown bars.  We encourage you to dress comfortably.

Must all attendees be age 21+?

  • Our Nerd Night events are designed for adults and will not interest younger children.  If the venue allows guests on the premises under the age of 21, we don’t mind if you bring your kids to the event.

If tickets are sold out online can I purchase one at the door?

  • Tickets are available for purchase at the door, only if the event has not already been sold out online.  Several of our events have completely sold out online and we have had to turn Nerds away at the door.  To help the venue and our staff prepare for the event, we encourage you to purchase your tickets online in advance of the event.

Still have questions about Nerd Night?  Please contact us!

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