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Hike with Dinosaurs Using our Explore AR App

Imagine that instead of watching TV after dinner, your family is heading out for an Augmented Reality (AR) hiking tour of the DinoTracks site.  Once you download the tour and navigate to the first stop, you see an outline highlighting the dinosaur footprints on the rock in front of you by simply scanning the QR code and holding your phone to the landscape.  You also see animations of the Theropod dinosaurs that made the tracks, and 360-degree panoramas of the prehistoric ecosystems in which they lived. 

The Explore AR DinoTracks tour will guide you through all ten stops on Insights’ 1.5-mile loop hike at the DinoTracks site near the base of Mt. Cristo Rey in Sunland Park, NM. The AR tour will take most groups 1-2 hours to complete. Please read all instructions to ensure the best tour experience and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Take an Augmented Realty DinoTracks hike in English or Spanish!

Prepare for your tour

  1. From your smartphone or tablet, download the Explore AR app in the Android or Apple Store

  2. Download the DinoTracks tour within the Explore AR app

  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

  4. Driving directions, sight information, educational activities and a link to our waiver will be emailed to you

  5. Complete the online waiver

  6. Review the AR Tour Tips

  7. Extend the learning with our 2nd – 12th Grade DinoTracks Educational Activities

Take your tour

  1. Visit the site via the driving directions provided

  2. Open the Explore AR app and scan the Welcome QR code at the trailhead and begin your Augmented Reality DinoTracks Tour

  3. Complete the post-tour survey to help us improve the experience

  4. Learn more about how the Friends of DinoTracks are working to protect and improve the site

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